about bardini + keller

Bardini + keller ag was created in 1958 by Hugo Bardini and Mario Keller. Only just 3 months later Walter Buschor has also entered into the firm. 

The firm celebrates this year already 55 years in the trade with fruits and vegetable.

In the founder's time still many products from  Swiss agriculture were traded, by the home market  as well as abroad. bardini + keller ag exported potatoes, apples, cherries, apricots etc to Italy, Germany, Austria and France.

However, the main business was even then the import of fruits, vegetable and citrusfruits  into Switzerland - and also the mediation of these products in the neighboured foreign country.


Some years ago we have begun to offer our professional knowledge of the products and logistics also to the french part of Switzerland as well as in Austria, Germany and Poland. We have been able to rejuvenate the partner's and also the staff  structure  and  to extend and to set up thereby bardini+keller ag so that we may look with this team in a positive future.

Since 2007 we are certificated as one of the first sales organizations in Switzerland SwissGap (= GlobalGap).

Also we are since 2010 in the possesses of the very demanding ISO certificate 22 000-2005 which made possible the entry into new markets for us.


Also  we are a Bio Suisselicensee and develop during the last years this product line constantly.

With the producers we stand  in decade-long relations and visit these also regularly to get to know changed production methods or to discuss market needs. They are subordinated to a co-operation contract which contains among other things the Codex of behavour and ethical baselines of the BSCI agreement. Our producers are certificated to GlobalGap.