Welcome to bardini+keller ag

bardini+keller ag stands for trading with fresh fruits and vegetables!

Today's partners of bardini+keller ag received from the founding fathers Hugo Bardini, Mario Keller and Walter Buschor a company that has always maintained a long term vision. Ever since 1958, new ways have been sought - and found - "to cultivate niches.

Staying true to the same goals and values as the founders, enabled the company to keep moving forward, satisfy customers and grow continuously in an organic, sustainable way.

Today Bardini+Keller is trading fruits and vegetables from more than 16 countries all over the world.

The partnership with our producers is based on confidence and transparency through daily contacts, personal visits and on-site trainings.

All the factors mentioned above enable us to constantly supply our customers with high quality goods, just in the nick of time wheter they are distributors, wholesalers, or industrial processors.

We create confidence. 


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