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Bardini + keller ag was founded in 1958 by Hugo Bardini and Mario Keller. Just three months later, Walter Buschor also joined the company. 

In 2018, bardini+keller celebrates already 60 years in the trade with fruits and vegetables.

In the company's early years, many Swiss agriculture products have been traded, both in Switzerland as well as abroad. Bardini + keller ag exported potatoes, apples, cherries, apricots etc to Italy, Germany, Austria and France.

However, already back then, the main business was the import of fruits and vegetables into Switzerland - and also the mediation of these products into neighboured foreign country.

Few years ago, we started to offer our professional knowledge regarding products and logistics also to customers in the french part of Switzerland as well as in Austria, Germany and Poland. We have been able to rejuvenate the partner's and also the staff. In recent years, bardini+keller grew rapidly. Thanks to said change in staff, we are now able to cover the german-, english-, french-, italian-, spanish-, polish-, and hungarian language areas with native speakers of said languages. The newly gained ability to source as well as to sell in those countries opend up new oportunities. 

In 2007, bardini+keller was amongst the forst companies in Switzerland to be SwissGap / Global Gap certified and has been certified ever since. In addition to that, we are in posession of the ISO certificate 22 000-2005 since 2010.

Almost 10 years ago, we recognized the rising demand for BioSuisse certified products at an early stage and adapted according to that development. Therefore we are BioSuiss certified and we continuously grew our supplier base for organic products over the recent years. 

With our producers, we have good, decades long relations. Thanks to regular visits, we stay up-to date in regards to new production methods and inform our producers about the newest trends and needs of the market. All our suppliers are certified GlobalGap and agreed on complying to the rulesset by the BSCI codex of behaviour. 

With the producers we stand  in decade-long relations and visit these also regularly to get to know changed production methods or to discuss market needs. They are subordinated to a co-operation contract which contains among other things the Codex of behavour and ethical baselines of the BSCI agreement. Our producers are certificated to GlobalGap.

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