All year round bardini + keller ag offers an extensive assortment to you.

However, seasonally the availability of the different products varies.

The following  table points you the availability at present.



updated at 30.07.2021

   Now available
   Not available at the moment

   Aparagus white
   Beans Borlotti fresh
   Beans Coco
   Black Cool
   Brussels Sprouts
   Butterhead lettuce
   canned vegetabels
   Carots yellow
   Carrot with green
   Celery root
   Celery Stalks
   Cellery stalks green
   Chicoree green
   Chicory red
   Chinese cabbage
   Cima di Rapa
   Cucumbers Nostrani
   Cultivated mushroom
   Endive frisee
   Green Sugar Peas
   Iceberg lettuce
   Jerusalem artichoke
   Kidney beans
   Lattughino other
   Leafs of Banana
   Legumes other
   Lettuce Littel gem
   Lollo lettuce green
   Lollo lettuce red
   Mixed salad
   Olives fresh
   Onions white
   Onions yellow
   Organic Herbs fresh
   Parsley Root
   Peperoncini chili
   Persil frise
   Persil no frise
   Potatoes early
   Prickly Lettuce
   Radicchio Trevisana
   Radish bunch
   Radish white
   Red and Green oak leaf lettuce
   Red Cabbage
   Red Turnip
   Rocket salad
   Round tomatos
   Savoy Cabage
   Sugar loaf
   Sweet corn
   Tomatoes Cherry
   Tomatoes Peretti
   vegetable Minestrone
   Vegetables dried
   White Cabbage
   White cabbage point
   Yam (Sweet potato)